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Anonymous asked:
What are your hopes for True Blood S7?







Good question.

Thing is, “hopes” are a relative term, since my trust in the current showrunners has been shaken very deeply. I don’t dare to hope for much.

What I would love to see, all things being ideal (if we are to pretend such a thing is possible) is this:

1. I would love for Sookie to come into her own with her powers. Or without them. I want her to make a well-thought-out decision, to make a choice based not on fear of “not being normal,” not on past hurts, not on sufferance, and not out of some necessity or danger. I would love for her to embrace whatever place she freely chooses for herself, having made such a decision. Be it as a fairy or be it as a plain human. I want her to be happy with that decision, not forced into it by circumstances, fears, or by forces outside of herself.

2. I would love for Eric and Sookie to find their way back to each other. They were good for each other. I am an unabashed shipper of theirs, and, naturally, I want that.

3. But, if it’s not to be, I would love for Sookie not to end up with following: a) Her rapist (Bill); b) The one who forever takes advantage of her vulnerable state (Alcide); or c) The entitled “nice guy” (Sam). If we see her alone at the end, so be it. It won’t be ideal, because Sookie wants to share her life with someone, she always wanted that. And I want her to have what she wants. But if those three are her only options … they shouldn’t be. Alone is infinitely to be preferred to being in abusive relationships.

4. I would love for Bill to finally get what he deserves. All of it. In fullest measure. I want it reining down on his ass with the righteous fury. I want Lilith to come down from the skies and drag him to hell or something. Barring that, I want Sookie to stake him. Honestly, I will accept final death of Bill in any way it may come.

5. I would for the Northman clan to reassemble and be happy. I don’t mean they should all live together in Fangtasia or something. :) I mean I want them to be in good accord with and supportive of each other. They have all the potential to be a great family. 

6. I want Eric to be happy. I realize that my version of Eric happy (with Sookie! and with his family around him) may not end up being possible, but I want it, damn it! Barring that, I want a form of happiness for him that comes in shape of true and utter freedom. Freedom from centuries-old burdens, freedom from guilt, freedom from pain, freedom from some power-hungry monarchs, manipulative authorities, or tin gods. I want him to live his life to the fullest, however he may choose to do so. With Sookie (sorry, can’t hep it!). :)

7. I want Pam to start building her happiness around herself, not necessarily around Eric. I don’t mean I want those two to part ways, I just mean that she should have a world of her own, apart from wherever Eric’s takes his. I want her to be happy with Tara or with someone else. But to be happy, not just hold on to the past happiness.

8. I want Tara to be happy and contented, too. Damn, this poor girl deserved it! Her entire life has been a long conga line of misery. She’d earned the right and then some! But first, I want her to survive the damn season! I do not like the rumored spoiler! Grrr.

9. Ditto for Lafayette. Give the guy some much, much needed happiness. Oh, and screen time! He is too good to waste on an occasional quip. 

10. I want Jessica to be completely separated from Bill, physically, emotionally, utterly. Get away from the danger, girl.

11. I want Alcide to accidentally change into the wolf form for good. It’s the only form of Alcide I can stomach.

I could go on, but basically, I want a good, positive, hopeful resolution for the characters that saw way too much suffering throughout the series.

I realize that this is mostly talking about the actual ending, not the entire season. So, for the season itself, I would love some coherent storytelling that ties up all the loose ends, that makes all the reveals hinted at during the run of the show, that addresses all the underdressed stuff (BILL! Everything about Bill!), that focuses less on some new threats and more on what has been left unresolved for so long.

See where I run against that pesky “hope vs. expect” thing? :) Because I am too battle-wary with this show to actually expect any of that.

What I expect is lots of fighting, some more deaths, pointless and insulting love triangles, more new characters no one is going to care about, and some good music (that’s something, right?). :) My expectations are low, in other words. And if I get something I actually hope for, well … bonus! :)

Okay, sorry! I did not mean to throw a dissertation at you! See, your first mistake was that you said “True Blood” and “Hope” in the same sentence. :))

Well, you pretty much expressed my thoughts exactly!  Yes, to all of this. Yes, to the hopes and, sadly, yes to the expectations, but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised! :D

That’s it! You managed to put into a few words what took me like  18 paragraphs to write: “My hopes for True Blood season 7 is to be pleasantly surprised!” :)

But those were 18 brilliant paragraphs, all which needed to be said!

Exactly! After six seasons with these characters, we have a lot of strong feelings for them (love and hate). It’s to be expected that our hopes can’t be summed up in a few short sentences. 18 paragraphs is just the beginning. 



when a little kids telling you a story but you can’t understand them


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So I already reblogged this recently, but I was too lazy to comment at the time. But I totally wanted to comment so I will:

I LOVE this scene right here.This is pure TVSookie in action. Look at her sweet face, look at how gentle and polite and charming she is to the guy she just met in this seriously fucked up circumstances!

"Would you mind me poking round your head a lil’ bit?"

She’s SO POLITE! It’s adorable!

She’s this cute little thing that smells like honey and she’s so polite and kind and here she is flanked by two vampires and a werewolf, all who are everything that isn’t little, sweet and kind, and they all want her because she is little, sweet, and kind.

You also gotta love the way Eric is watching her, a couple days after she broke his heart, hours after he saw her kiss and nearly have sex with another man and there isn’t a hint of disgust or anger in him (in spite of his snide remark in her house). All you can see is him drinking her in and his ever present longing - that is always done so subtly and so blatantly at the same time.

Back when Alan B was in the house I could really watch something like this and trust the show. It was goot to have hope wasn’t it? I miss u AB.

AB is very much missed. And I agree with you, there was a sense of security with him holding the reins. Sookie is all the things mentioned above, and she will run straight into the jaws of death for the people she loves, no one will be left behind. Now TB is in the hands of an incompetent showrunner, who doesn’t care about continuity . Who is quite happy to steamroll over 5 seasons of development in favor of some insipid vision. So I’m prepared for all kinds unpalatable scenarios to arise. But I can hope that something recognizable will be salvaged from the wreckage.

Keeping Stillhidden’s tags! :)  Great comments by all!

It really is the essence of who she is. I missed her last season and hoping to see her again but not expecting it

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hearing teachers swear keeps me young

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